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5 responses to “Waiter There Is A Dog Hair In My Cereal

  1. Yay Foo Foo! Love the action in your comics! It is mind blowing!!!
    So sweet of the boys to invite Foo Foo and Mrs. Axelgrinder over for Christmas dinner!!! (Sorry if I misspelled Axelgrinder… don’t have time to look it up on your site. I think I need to keep a running cheat sheet on my desk.)

    • …spelling variations are a speciality of mine… ! … so long as it’s in the park I’m not gonna complain… hell, I left a whole word out of something I was working on the other day…was well into the next page before I noticed…just had to “down-arrow-thing” it…onwards! ….

  2. I am hopeful for a big Crimbo gathering of yoof,arty,mrs.A, foofoo, octopussy, aliens, newsreaderguy ,etceterar etceterar etceterar and also the Hitchcockian selfie. Party!!!!!

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