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11 responses to “No One Wanted To Be In A Band Called This

  1. I know it’s wrong but I’m laughing so damn hard here. 😛

  2. Raz Illa

    Well as my dear old old ex dad in law said not long before he did shuffle his clogs off this mortal coil. “You know you’re on the way out when they sew up yer bum hole”

  3. I’m with Tony on this one.
    I read this with a mixture of awe and OHHHH. Makes me think you have some familiarity with the whole colostomy bag phenomena.
    Hope I never need one but if I do… I’ll remember your comic and hopefully laugh.
    Razilla’s comment is spot on!!!

    • …. I do know a couple of folk who have had the misfortune to require an op’ that removed the pleasure farting… but not at the time that this was written… and I really can’t remember the context that it was created in other than I was genuinely convinced it was a great band name…. all good humour (as far as I’m concerned) should push the boundaries of what we are comfortable with… after all, baring ones teeth started out as a defence mechanism!…. : )) ….

      …(thank you Pamo)…

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