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Oh Crap Is That The Date

…it’s the 21st of December and I haven’t yet posted pictures of this years Xmas album display…IMG_3314 IMG_3315 IMG_3316 IMG_3317


…it was my good friend Dee’s only “chore” when she gave me the afternoon off…and she did a damn fine job….

…this years Xmas record sales have equaled last years (3) and with a half promise on another, we may, for the fourth year running, be about to experience continued growing returns from this emerging market…

…speaking of “damn”… the figures for my nativity scene haven’t been as popular as I thought they would be…maybe I should stop referring to them as Xmas desecrations rather than Xmas decorations….

…(no photo of them as a group, sorry, but unlike the very well behaved cows and sheep, the my ass wouldn’t stay still for the shot)….

..(badum tisss)…


IMG_3286 IMG_3285 IMG_3284 IMG_3283


…and finally…a framed, needle point piccy from 1958, of a little dog I got from the dump as an Xmas pressies for myself….




…(yes, I have since taken the time to clean the seagull poo off of it)….

…jingle bells.


9 responses to “Oh Crap Is That The Date

  1. stripman

    They are really scary, those album-covers…

  2. great display! Vinyl sales are really taking off here too, Hubby’s best mate just spent a large amount on Bruce Springsteen vinyls. At £30 a pop I will be sticking to downloads 🙂 though maybe 2nd hand is more cheapo.
    Your nativity scene… weird man, just weird.

  3. Dee did a fabulous job!!!
    Your Christmas spirit is very YOU and I admire that. You have a point of view and by damn… you express it.
    Love the photos and your sense of humor is stellar. Always!

  4. I had that Royal Guardsman Snoopy’s Christmas album when I was a kid. I think I just listened to the title song over and over. And though I have no idea what it is, that “Christmas Cracker” album to the right looks like it has some pretty awesome retro cover art. Hope you had a good Christmas! -v

    • …lol…I think all of us “of-an-age” had a copy Snoopy’s Xmas that we wore to a nub…the one to the right is “Gene Autry’s Christmas Cracker”…a re-issue on a cheapie record club type label…it’s on hi-viz orange vinyl….mmmm….thanks for dropping by….love your stuff and am looking forward to seeing more of it this year…

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