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5 responses to “This One Is For All My Fellow Retailers

  1. jingling all the way my friend…all the way. 🙂

  2. This retailer is going……e…be…ll…ssssss.
    I’m officially toast.
    I’m also really disappointed that the Cat Ball Soup and Cereal is sold out. There goes Christmas dinner….

    (Your Christmas comics are awesome by the way.)

    • …cheers Pamo…less than 1 customer strangling day left before we can put our feet up…for 15 seconds, then it’s time for the boxing day sale thing…yay!!….(more stocks of soup & cereal coming soon)…

      • Yes!
        In our store, Jeff truly handles the stress better than I do. It’s not that the work is difficult it’s just that my routine gets upturned. I need my routine!!!
        After Christmas sales are very important to the monthly books… so hopefully we’ll still be jingling then.
        All the best for your sales and sanity!

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