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8 responses to “My Brother Insisted

  1. Ace in the frame seems to concur with the course of action.

    I like how you always add in little bits and pieces in your work, like Ace in the frame. Whenever I look back on something of yours, I see something I missed the first time.

    So this was your brother’s concept?

    • …cheers Pamo…yeah, I like the “bits in the background” things…haven’t quite got there with the new stuff, but feel that I’m almost achieving a more acceptable “bits” quota…and yes my brother insisted that this was as funny as all hell…it was the last creative thing he did before he started a family and lost not only his sense of humour but a good deal of his personality as well…. miss the little bugger…I really do…(yes i saw him and his delightful kids yesterday & the day before, but I mourn that personality…)….


  2. stripman

    Did you ever consider family counselling…?

  3. ah the insalubrious effects of the responsibility marriage,kids & domesticity applies to the erstwhile fun filled creative mind. He’ll be fine when the kids leave home, it all comes back in the glorious technicolour of ‘mid life crisis’ and ‘making up for lost time’ 🙂 He’ll be born again and buying motorbikes, electric guitars and vinyl records.

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