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First C Note Of The Season

…in fact it’s my first hundy for quite some time…

…and most definitely the first of the “new look” (read as – not so easy to photocopy) US bank notes I’ve had the pleasure of handling…Scan 523

……got it from some folk from the Chinese mainland, over here on holiday…

…(wish they’d had some more English…the only Chinese vinyl I’ve ever struck was some 10″ from the cultural revolution…weird tunes about how bloody marvellous “our” tractor is…would’ve loved to find out more about their record shop culture…)….

Scan 524


…what did they buy?…

…sorry, but client confidentiality precludes me from telling you.

4 responses to “First C Note Of The Season

  1. weird wiggly banknotes, don’t expect they’re easy to fit in a wallet.

  2. Hey- I didn’t realize they were hard to photocopy… but makes sense.
    I’ve really grown to like the look cause I don’t have to worry about it being counterfeit. (Yes- I took in a counterfeit hundred once and it still makes me mad. I remember the kid who passed it to me. Ah well.)
    Chinese vinyl does sound interesting…. I never thought of it.

    • …the old US notes were way too easy to copy…too green, no colour variation…. and easy to pass if scrunched up before use!!…(er…or so a friend tells me…)….new ones with security band and multiple colours….much harder!….

      ….chinese vinyl…just makes me want to go there for a “dig”….must be some good crap amongst the bad!…

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