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10 responses to “The Other Brother From The Same Mother

  1. Holy nut balls! This is a fantastic strip. Really. Honestly. Seriously. Truly.
    Zonel is an outstanding character design. The finger pointing from the text box is creatively cool.
    The runny speech bubble for the line, “AND ONE DAY I’M GONNA KILL YOU.” in the last panel is totally rad.
    And then… . . . “SHUT YER FUCKIN’ GUTS YA FIFTH RATE, FOURTH WALL DEVICE!!!” is quite possibly the greatest piece of dialogue ever to grace my life. Just WOW.
    An instant classic! A timeless masterpiece! A modern marvel. An eternal moment of ecstatic bliss. And other epically rave reviews.

    • ..damn…wish I’d written it!!!…Cornelius Stone is working with these characters again after a near 25 year gap…with another artist…dig around…you’ll not be disappointed…

      • Cool! Thanks for the info, Tony.
        Your talents lie not only in the hysterical toons you create but also in your impeccable taste regarding the high quality of work done by others.

      • ..which leads us back to…when was the last time you wielded a pencil???….(apologies if you’ve been drawing but have fallen off my “following” list…a common prob’ on this platform…)…

  2. but you did the drawing didn’t you? and that’s the brilliant bit. What the heck is a fourth wall device lol. I want one.

    • …ahhh…thank you Frag’…yes I did do the drawing…and wouldn’t have done so if bro’ Corn’s writing didn’t meet my “stringent” requirements….the fourth wall is the one before the fifth wall and the one after the third….(actually it’s a term from television, I think, for when the people in the frame are interacting with the folk outside the box…the fourth wall being the wall that the viewer is looking through…oooo…I kinda knew something!…and didn’yt have to google it!!…).

  3. Well have to agree with Candy Trip, that line of dialogue is top notch. I will use that somewhere in my life 🙂
    I think the symbiosis of his story and your art is more than the sum of its parts, it would be interesting to see how his new artist does, he’s got a hard act to follow.

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