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…this big lad at the pilot’s wharf on the Aramoana spit…IMG_3297 IMG_3300

..and this “lovely” female in my good friend Dee’s Roses…


…(top left, below the purple flowers)….

….(outside toilet left in shot for scale)….


…awwww….she’s sleeping…


…no she’s not…

…crap…flight or photo…



…the thing with female sealions is that, unlike the males who will challenge, charge,  then stand their ground, the females will follow you for some distance….



…like, right to the back door….

…maybe we’ll hold off admiring the roses till next week.

11 responses to “Sealions

  1. Amusing and delightful, great to see you out of the shop. By the way a new DVD film/doc of Paco De Lucia’ life has just been released. It is on YouTube I think. It is on religious Repeat Play in my local bar, worth a watch.

  2. very cool to have sealions in the rose bushes! Hope she lets you out soon 🙂

  3. I’m in awe. When I saw these photos yesterday (or was it the day before?) I just stared and stared. Wow! What grand creatures.

  4. Cool…I’m jealous, even if theyre smelly!.

    • ,,,I’ll put a couple in the post…and I’m jealous of your whale sighting…the day after the sealion/roses incident there was a whale in the bay…and we were inside eating lunch and telling family members about the sealion/roses incident!!!…

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