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9 responses to “An Ear-Worm From Me To You

  1. Bahahahahahaha!
    I probably read more into these “retail” toons than those that haven’t had the honor of working retail. Or maybe not. What do I know? I just read here.
    Sheesh… go get your own banana. Have a nice day.

    Oh and BRILLIANT as usual.

  2. stripman

    The great Louis Prima with a great song ! You are a man of taste…!!

  3. haha I think I just saw the origin of punk….

  4. Love this!…I just love your work anyway but I can identify also having worked behind a counter. Shudder!…anyway, youre inspiring me to think about using more colour in my cartoons…as well as making me think about experimenting with doing minimal editing on the PC. I’m so lazy. Hey TT, you make me feel lazy! 🙂

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