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Hereditary Obsession

…I blame my Mother….

…who described the Xmas fridge as “technical” (and banned any of us from attempting to take stuff out or put stuff back in for the duration)…IMG_3364

and claimed she was going to point out this label I discovered on the guest bed when I was making it (she’d run out of laundry tape)…




…because she knew I’d want to photograph it.

6 responses to “Hereditary Obsession

  1. What is it with Tape and Beds in NZ? I had not heard of laundry tape before, I have had it explained to me now, one can have one’s name put on one’s underpants like an obsessive would need to.

  2. awesome fridge packing, laundry tapes are new to me, I guess it must be easy to forget when you last did the laundry.

  3. I like your Mum from what I can tell… a lot.
    Lists, labels, technical packing… yep, I like her a lot.

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