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6 responses to “One With The Cat

  1. And that’s how you take out the trash! 😉

  2. stripman

    It’s understandable you dislike it when work (the shop) interferes with play (the comics) ? Maybe you should make the comics your work and keep the shop just for fun…?

    • ….oh, no…..too far away from the rest of the world to ever consider the cartoons as a viable living…..and it’s more a case of everything gets in the way of everything else….maybe I should get a desk job….aahhhh, that would be sublime….

      • stripman

        I was only making fun, of course. I’ve spent 5 years, of my most active youth, making drawings for scientific publications. It was interesting but it put me off making drawings for fun. Finally I quit the job for another one, that paid less but had nothing to with my hobbies. So: never make a living out of your hobby, because you’ll loose the fun thing in your life !
        (Now that was serious…;o)

  3. haha A.Kitty, can’t see him putting up with being taken to a graveyard and flung over Mrs A’s shoulder. She’ll have to stay a warty old bat. 🙂

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