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Wrack And Ruin

…the North East valley (where I live and my biz premises are) used to be the main road in to Dunedin and had numerous small shops along it…

…even a sweet shop….


…when the new motorway was completed in the late 60s (I think) most of those businesses dwindled away as the main road traffic by-passed the valley and went straight to the centre of town…

…this is the remains of one those shops, it’s been used as “storage” since I’ve been walking past it on the way to work (28 yrs) and was getting very dilapidated…


…it was a much loved poster wall….


…the “graffiti doctor” (a guy who charges the council to follow the illegal poster stickers around and remove the posters…say, aren’t those my rates dollars?) was crowing that it was one less free advertising place….

…I’ll miss it.


…(early posting today…my good friend Dee is giving me a 3 day weekend…and another next week…my first official holidays in 5 years!…and she’ll have the computer at the shop….).

2 responses to “Wrack And Ruin

  1. where’s my bloody comment gone?? I commented on this a few days ago, someone’s stole it!!

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