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Such A Busy Day I Almost Forgot

…about the 2 buckets…

Scan 579 Scan 580 Scan 581 Scan 582

…mmmm…two buckets.



….(oh man, I blew my entire 3 1/2 week buffer of finished cartoons to squeeze out this and the 3 pages preceding it whilst trying to take a holiday…..I guess it’s back to the drawing board…literally…)…


…(2 buckets).

4 responses to “Such A Busy Day I Almost Forgot

  1. stripman

    Very nice ! An unexpected twist…;o)

    And a deadline is still a deadline, even if there is a buffer involved. An while you’re making all the lines, even the dead ones…;o)

  2. so much in this toon, the colouring in is brill, loving Arty’s beach suit and his manic beach combing. Crabs and condoms – fab combination!! Buckets loads of giggles here!

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