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25 responses to “Whats In A Name

  1. big giggles here, Brian’s are certainly a hot topic here at the moment so an extra laugh from me for being on point.

  2. Okay- is Mr. Yoof and Mr. Arty as new as Brian? It’s this tiny monkey brain of mine… I have always thought of them as the “twins” (Frag’s influence) but you told us those two were based on you and your cousin and in fact never thought of them as twins. But now they have names Mr. Arty and Mr. Yoof but the dogs name is Arty? Woof? Or was that a cat?
    I have a really bad headache probably due to the pot of coffee I just drank. Wow!

    Beyond that… a brilliant drawing my dear. Loving all your posts as always. Especially thought your Valentine’s post was very sweet. Dee is a good egg… as are you.

    We’ve been snowed in for three days. I have no brain cells left.

    • ….(oh, crap….she’s back)…

      …(honestly Pamo, I can’t stop laughing or see for the tears…no more coffee for you…how is Jeff coping with your cabin fever?…)…

      …the dog is called Foo Foo…the cat is called A. Kitty…the octopus is called Puss-Puss…Yoof & Arty are based on me & my cousin Phil…their names are derived from a practical joke we played on Dee and her bands manager…it is a long and involved tale that I’ve told elsewhere in this morass of posts…it boils down to “scamming” the band over some badges we bootlegged in the UK…and claimed to be a youth arts collective called “Yoof Arty”….say “Yoof Arty” fast for long enough and you’ll figure it out….I hope I have restored peace to your household…(sorry Jeff, peace except for the fact that Pamo is now walking around the house going “Yoof Arty” over and over again…happy thaws day…
      : )

      • Jeff is not coping well. Not well at all.
        Yoof Arty is now emblazoned on my caffeine addled brain… and yes I’ve been saying it real fast… Hahahahhahahaha!

  3. Surely you get where I’m coming from Shirley.

    Hey- I watched a movie yesterday… “Paul”

    And yes- I’m probably the last person on earth to watch it… but I don’t watch many movies. But for some reason, I thought of you Tony. The characters just reminded me of you… perhaps the accents, or the comics, or maybe just Paul… he seemed like “you” too.

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