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…(I got nothing…having just typed a marathon explanation of the names of the characters in my current cartooning universe to a fellow artist from the states… who has been trapped in her house for three days by the snow… I no longer know who the folk in this cartoon from the olden days are….I’ve past her Corn’ Stones e-mail just in case she needs a catch up on these guys as well….Hi Pamo!!)….

…(that explanation is in the post titled “whats in a name”….scroll down….).

14 responses to “Brothers

  1. And I GREATLY appreciate the marathon explanation from your last post. Jeff however is not faring so well…. he seems confused about my continuous glaring of Yoof Arty… and has been yelling “No I have NOT!!!” So you can imagine the chaos that reigns….

    Hey- I always get a kick out of the words you put in your comics about what you’ve added or left out. Rot works by the way.

    I’ll be emailing Mr. Stones shortly. Perhaps he’ll write some scripts for me. (GRIN!)

  2. Isn’t it lush to have the gang all back. 🙂 by gang I mean Pamo & by proxy, Jeff. Yay for snow!

  3. But Tony! You’re leader of the pack!

  4. I met him at the record store…..

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