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Meanwhile On The Other Side Of The Family

…I’m always teasing my Mother about her neatly written then obsessively crossed out lists…

…(there are photos of them buried somewhere in this blog…try


…little did I realise that THIS was going on at my sister-outlaw’s place…

IMG_3944 IMG_3945 IMG_3946 IMG_3947 IMG_3948 IMG_3949



…you can schedule this stuff?!?…once a month?!?…

… asking “WTF?” hurt me more than it’s gonna hurt you so, no, I’m not going to explain…

…it’s a family matter & I’d rather not talk about it.

10 responses to “Meanwhile On The Other Side Of The Family

  1. Your sister-in-law is a mom. And by the looks of it… a darned good one!

  2. Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh,
    A tubby, little cubby, all stuffed with fluff.

  3. FYI everybody, she goes around collecting sewage pond data. Source: she’s my mum.

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