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…Too Tone records has been inundated with unprecedented quantities of supporters of the Afghani Cricket Squad….IMG_4057


….or is it the ZZ Top Album Recreation League’s biennial rendition of the “El Loco” lp cover?…

…any way…nice lads, even if one of them does have something attached to his thigh with masking tape.

4 responses to “The Cricket Certainly Brings Them Out

  1. Attached to his thigh Smith masking tape??? Is this an Afghanistan tradition? They look like nice funky fellows, cricket is one of THE best spectator sports. I once went to Lords and watched the Windies v India, don’t remember much about the match but had great fun exchanging missiles of bread crusts and apple cores with the Aussie contingent. A truly international good natured day!

  2. Great photo! These guys look like fun.
    Like the gif at the top of your post too. Cool!

    • …cheers Pamo…oh yeah, those guys are definitely fun…but I’m not so sure about the gif thing…its supposed to be my title …but it’s a cassette thing instead????….(I’ll take the credit tho’)….

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