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To Moult Or Not To Moult

…I’m pretty sure that is the question going thru this little fellows head…IMG_4200


…he seemed to have that glazed look penguins get when they ‘re thinking about re-feathering.

7 responses to “To Moult Or Not To Moult

  1. Bloody hell you threw up a right cutey shot there! Great photo Tone.

  2. ADORABLE!!!
    (No lie… that’s the third ADORABLE I’ve typed tonight… and all to male cartoonists. Must be something in the air.)

    • …um…Adorable Male Cartoonists in the the air??… call the airforce!!!… (or the adoreforce…please yourself)…..and these little beggars are adorable from a distance…local wildlife folk say they’re not very nice to deal with on a one to one basis…

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