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To Meet You Pleased

Scan 604

…I was (and am) so crap at drawing female characters….I really should study the form and practice more….


19 responses to “To Meet You Pleased

  1. The accumulated merit of Frank Zappa!! So laughed at that, doesn’t matter if you can’t draw her properly coz she’s funny as fuck.

  2. stripman

    What are you complaining ? She’s beautiful…!

  3. You draw Mrs. A quite well. Those long dangling boobs have a real flair.
    And Miss Piggy is perfect.
    And now… my classic over analysis…. you don’t do the standard amazonian woman comic drawings over and over again because you see women as people not objects. Not that I don’t appreciate the bullet breasts, iron pumped butts and perfect hair… but it doesn’t really seem your style.
    I prefer Mrs. A… she feels more real.

    • …based on my grandmothers & mother (don’t tell her!)…couldn’t get more real than that!…(esp’ if you’ve been bad!)….thank you Pamo….I still struggle with drawing the female form partially because so many others have done so much to misrepresent it….not the sort of flak I want to attract!….

  4. Shitguts ⋅

    Roger had trouble getting Miss Piggy right for the Muppet comic.

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