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8 responses to “No Comment

  1. No comment…..

    No way can I pull that off!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!

    It’s pretty thrilling seeing “Tony” in the comics. Love his expressions.
    The conjoined chicken thing is HILARIOUS!!!!

    Colors are excellent. Expressions are priceless. Damn funny!!!

    No comment.

    • …cheers Pamo…having just spent 2 days in the hills thrashing my sketch book into line I can hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the Dereks and their new business venture….and so glad YOU”RE going to have another crack at twice a week ‘tooning…(everyone go check out Pamo’s World….)….

      • YAY!!! The Dereks cannot be denied!
        And thanks for your support my artist friend.
        Good to be back to the drawing board.
        Never could keep your pace but I’m happy just to tag on a bit.

      • …I prefer t think of it as tumbling rather than pace… thank you Pamo …I only do it because you all encourage me…. : )

  2. bighair63

    Bring on the chicken!!!

  3. Chicken Supreme!! Mint! 🙂

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