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Singing In The Rain

…I’m singing in the rain…Scan 609


…my washing ain’t dry-ing…it’s drip drip dripping again.



…(whoa – so this is what happens when sleep deprivation meets washing day meets archival ‘toons…I might be on to something here…..).

15 responses to “Singing In The Rain

  1. OyOy doesn’t get wet, eh??

    I don’t know why but I find this toon adorable. (Sorry.)

    Love the archives!!!

  2. Chicken Fried Comics ⋅

    Kickin’ it old school.

    I haven’t disappeared, here’s my new site:

    Keep on rockin’, dude!!!

  3. stripman

    I’m puzzled… When it rains on your side of the earth, how can it also be raining over here, on the other side ? I mean: For one of us the rain is falling upwards…

  4. Oyoy is a protected species.
    Singing in the rain huh? Adding that to the Christmas Review menu šŸ™‚

    • …or waterproofed at the very least….(xmas review…er…have you mentioned this before?….have I mentally blocked it out?….what is it?….will I have to mentally block it out again?….)….

  5. A)Yes, B) yes, C)it’s your gangs christmas review, D)yes.

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