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And The Devil Take The Bedpost

Scan 610


….oh, that’s right…looking at my archive I noticed that this cartoon was the last that I completed in 1991…I  stopped  drawing ….I think my enthusiasm wained because it didn’t feel like my “art” was going anywhere and it most definitely wasn’t going to feed me….

…I walked away.

13 responses to “And The Devil Take The Bedpost

  1. When did you return to drawing? What changed your mind?
    How do you view your art now?
    I know you’ve talked a little about this previously… but I’d love to hear more.
    Oh- and cool comic!

    • …you’ll have to wait till the next episode of “archival ‘toons” to find out the answer to the first 2 questions Pamo…and now I view my art as a more productive alternative to smoking cig’s..(actually it’s a lot easier to produce ow that my deadlines & costs are digital….I can just blow thru it and get it “published”, stress free & in colour!!…).. oh- & thank you….

  2. stripman

    If feeding was the intended goal most artists would be starving…

    (It’s all about attention, of course…;o)

  3. I think Stripman may have to be inundated to the FrockTarts.

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