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I Drew Nothing In 1992

…then sometime over the summer of ’92/’93 I believe I had a visit from Tim Bollinger, who was travelling the length & breadth of NZ interviewing cartoonists for his thesis/fledgling history of NZ comics…(correct me if I’m wrong , Tim, you’ve got this written down somewhere, I don’t!!)…. I got all enthusiastic to pick up my pencils and pens again… I approached the Otago University Student Assoc’ newspaper to see if they wanted a weekly strip for the year….most of the stuff I did for them had a topical/student oriented leaning, subsequently some of the subject matter is 22 years old and may just pass over the head of your understanding …(I’ve forgotten the context of a lot of it myself…so explanations may be patchy…mmm….getting old…)….


…but I do remember this ad’ which was on everyones lips that year!!..


Scan 614


….1993…here we go….


19 responses to “I Drew Nothing In 1992

  1. It’s a FABULOUS comic and loved listening to the ad while I read it!!
    So glad you got re-motivated. Very industrious to approach the University newspaper…. one strip per week no less.
    Coolness triple squared!!! 🙂

  2. stripman

    I can top that ! It takes me two weeks to complete a page… But that’s why I secured myself of the help of the Mysterious Helpman…;o)
    (And no he’s not my bipolar second half…)

    I’m not sure it’s all proper English, but you know what I mean…

  3. well fiddle dee dee! Here was I thinking you were on an easter break, but no, I discover that yet again I have been defollowed from your bloglette. Most urksome. Brilliant pastiche on the advert, and cool to see Ace queueing for the dole 🙂

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