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Flys With That

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….”Fly Buys” are a points reward system (useless stuff you didn’t know you needed instead of instore discount) that may not extend beyond the shores of New Zealand….

…if you are struggling to understand the “pathos”, count the flys…

…nope, no prizes for the correct answer.


…(…oh…. and if you have a few moments for a bit of a read….



12 responses to “Flys With That

  1. Tony, it’s very cool to learn a bit more about you in that interview. I can’t wait to read the next part! (I’m in the presence of comics royalty. NICE!) 😀

  2. stripman

    Very nice !

    (And I’m glad you fell back to earth ! You really had me worried there…)

  3. Reblogged this on alifesgayventure and commented:
    i have followed him for a bit, and marvel at the comic he draws. the background work is a wonder to behold.(look at the past issues) they are works of art, and funny at that too. i think if he were in uk or america he would be famous long ago. why couldn’t he get syndicated in uk or usa?

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