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Where Was I

…oh, that’s right…Scan 622


….Mrs. Rennie never quite forgave me for this…

…which is why I continued to use her as a character….

: )

6 responses to “Where Was I

  1. PAMO

    I bet Mrs. Rennie secretly loved this tribute to her!!!
    I always get a kick out of you in the toons… cartoonist chap.

    Can I borrow this layout? Well of course I can! It’s perfect!

    • ….you may borrow that layout…I stole it from George Herriman….(google that sucker and track a collection of his work…he’s mind boggling ….and has cats & critters!…)….

  2. Ah, Mrs.Rennie, mother of Oyoy?

  3. Grant McDougall ⋅

    Now there was one tough customer.

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