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Too Spiiiideeeersssss

Scan 625

….ooo…straight from the Mothers mouth….

…(she didn’t do the thing with her eyes though)…

…(although nothing would surprise me where that “delightful” old lady was concerned).

9 responses to “Too Spiiiideeeersssss

  1. PAMO

    Love the third panel with the YIKE and spider coming out over the frame!
    I haven’t heard this saying before but now with the visual I doubt I’ll forget it.
    (I’m taking a break from drawing. Finally finished one.)

  2. stripman

    Are we seeing the fruits of a difficult childhood here ? I’m blaming my parents for being so nice to me… No interesting stories from me…

  3. That’s lovely Tony…brought a tear to my eye it did…

  4. hmm not sure about that POINK, whenever I’ve seen eyes coming out they go more like SCHLERPERK. Just sayin’ 🙂

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