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What Ever Happened To Lockwood Smith

….the guy who presented “W3” , a kids general knowledge quiz show…

…and became a right of centre politician…

…all on the back of a degree in Bovine Flatulence….

Scan 624


….did he really just fade away like a cheshire cat?

15 responses to “What Ever Happened To Lockwood Smith

  1. I think Jemima might not be ‘the right one’.
    Loving David Squigglebum and wally. Maybe we can get them for the Christmas Review.

  2. PAMO

    Unbelievable how much you packed into this comic!
    I bet the students LOVED your work!!!!!!

    • …can’t say if the students were taking much notice…but I can attest to the amount I used to put in…that’s why in them days I drew on A3 sheets to be reduced to A4ish in the mag….

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