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The Root Of The Problem Is The Roots

…autumnal colours are aglow in the valley…. IMG_4732   …but leaves aren’t the only thing falling…. …I was staring out the window admiring a deluge of swirling orange, yellow & brown leaves when I noticed traffic backing up outside the shop…. IMG_4759   …one of two “beautification” trees in the ‘hood came down in the same big equinoctial gust that the leaves were enjoying… …I missed getting a shot of it sprawled across the road because a customer (customers!…with their needs & wants…always getting in the way of “art”!) came in as I was rushing out with my camera… IMG_4760   …it would seem that planting trees in confined, concrete edged, tar-seal surrounded flower beds is not great for their root development…   IMG_4761   IMG_4762   …snap!

One response to “The Root Of The Problem Is The Roots

  1. The council should be held accountable for tree abuse. What a sad thing.

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