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Two Colour Process

…the cover from the first comics anthology I curated…Scan 649


…colour separation done on a window on a sunny day….

…I no longer own a copy of this in its entirety…

…all I have is this cover, cut off and placed in the “archive folder “.

13 responses to “Two Colour Process

  1. Awesome cover! I wonder if anyone out there has a complete copy? 🙂

  2. Treacle~Tree kill, lol, genius.

  3. PAMO

    Love it Tony! Would love to see the entire anthology someday.
    What an enormous body of work you’ve produced. Amazing.

    • …cheers Pamo…I think it’s only about 6-700 pages worth, which may sound daunting but is not a lot spread over 30 years!…would look even worse if I didn’t hold down a day job to feed myself!….

      • PAMO

        Tony- you and your work are AMAZING! You’ll just have to accept it young man.
        And that’s 700 pages of FINISHED work, right? So for every finished page- there are probably 3 to 10 unfinished pages, give or take.
        But whose counting? (I count too. I’m okay with it. The counting that is.)
        Okay- it’s back to work for me. I’m redoing past work which means my actual finished page count will suffer.

      • …(I’m pretty sure if you do ’em again you count them again…Pamo-‘toons-redux!!!)…..

      • …and I dunno about your calculation of unfinished pages…I think 10-20 out of 710-20 unfinished….there are a whole bunch of ideas I haven’t started on yet…but they don’t count at all!!….

      • PAMO

        We agree on that point- only the finished pages count. BUT the unfinished work is absolutely essential. I keep most of my unfinished work. Not all.
        I hope you get to all those ideas!!!!

      • …I guess I ‘m lucky as I get most of what I start finished…and given time and enough coffee all those ideas will be turned into cartoons…soooon….

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