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12 responses to “You Can Buy It By The Bucket Or The Box

  1. PAMO

    Gosh! What a MARVELOUS saving!!!

  2. have realised this shop is so Fern Gully. 🙂

      • A movie from which come the immortal lines
        Goanna: [about to eat Zak] Welcome to the food chain.
        Crysta: Stop! He’s a human!
        Goanna: Uhh… what’s a human?
        Batty Koda: Delicious and nutritious! Tastes just like chicken!

      • …(googled it….oh…can tell why I’m not aware of it…probably on my list of movies-Tony -should-never-see-because-he-will-make-inappropriate-comments-…-relentlessly ….because of Milo & Otis on the telly I wasn’t allowed to go to Babe with the nieces & nephews…. : ) …..)

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