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Hard Night On The Drawing Board

…I can explain the ink…IMG_4805


…but what you can’t see in this next shot remains a mystery…

…that hand is stained with beetroot….preserved vegetable of the devil!!…



…and still on my hand the next day.

…(photos found 3 days later…I think I’m seeing other sandwichwes without my conscious knowledge….).

…(and… oh, hey!…part 2 of the interview with Matt Emery is out…


14 responses to “Hard Night On The Drawing Board

  1. stripman

    I just hope your not allergic to drawing…!!

    (But I always wished that one day I would become allergic to work…)

    (And I almost did…)

  2. tch pickled beetroot, purple ambrosia of the gods. I read the article, you forget a lot πŸ™‚ also ticked the follow on tumblr as have an old account on there, but it’s pants so probably won’t see the posts πŸ™‚

  3. PAMO

    Lovely article! I’ll have to go read the other parts too.
    Beets… yum!!!

  4. Red cabbage is bad too…especially when it comes out the other end. Had a right scare one time…

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