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The Other Place Won’t Be Around

…to talk to our kids…Scan 633 (1) Scan 630 IMG_0798 Scan 646 Scan 644 Scan 640 Scan 639 Scan 636 Scan 657 Scan 656

Scan 656


…it won’t understand when you’re down, the way that I did…

…we had it all, w’press & I, we just need to try again.


…(just in case you didn’t follow the link at the top of that article I posted a link to yesterday….I’m going to do stuff on Tumblr as well…probably repeat the fresh ‘toons and put up sketch book pages over there…

….I’m not abandoning you, I’m still here….).

18 responses to “The Other Place Won’t Be Around

  1. PAMO

    Change is good… I’m sure you’ll do well on Tumblr. Glad you’re still here too.
    I’ll check out your other site….
    And crazy fun post of images!!!

  2. stripman

    Are you absolutely sure you’re not allergic to something…?

    ( Tumbler… Heard of it, never been there…;o)

  3. ooh thought you were having a major brain fart here, confusticated me somewhat.

  4. Gotddamn I’m going t have to go over to the other side too, just to keep up like. I love the look of this post…all the bits. And your googly eyes!

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