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Oh That One

…every time I see this I cringe…

…I’ve always considered this to be my worst effort ever….

…it’s yuck…(ill-conceived…rushed…yuck)….Scan 670


…the “extra” strip at the bottom is, however, the all important kicking off point for one of those multi- episode rambles I’m fond of….

6 responses to “Oh That One

  1. PAMO

    If this is your worst then your standards are incredibly high!
    I do appreciate you sharing it though. I feel it is very good, especially for your early development. However, it does show how persistence and practice yield major results. Your current stuff is of course leaps and bounds beyond this effort.
    When did you start using color consistently? And why did you change from black and white to color?

    • ..cheers Pamo…um…could just be me but if you look at the surrounding material, the ‘toons before and after this one, the backgrounds look a little rushed and wonky….always thought I hadn’t earned my keep that week!!!….started using the coloured pencils regularly in 2009ish….when I started doing it for pleasure rather than publication (pre-figuring out that online is free!)….and I changed because colouring in os way faster than all those lines & dots that I was so fond of!!!….less repetitive strain injury prone!….

  2. stripman

    Yep ! Not that bad at all. But of course you see other things, when you look at it, than us average readers. I find a single badly drawn detail can ruin a drawing for me, while nobody else even notices…

  3. urk! what were you thinking? it’s awful, dreadful and totally yuck.

    hahahaha. 😀 😀 I wouldn’t know a shite one of yours if it fell on my metaphorical bdum tishes. I think us ‘creatives’ (urk word) are our own worst critics, I’m the same with my photo’s. I can’t see what’s wrong with it, all your lines are dead straight and don’t run outside their boundaries, which is damn clever I think.

    • ….cheers Frag’…sad thing is, 22 years later, no matter how many people say nice things about it, I still can’t bring my self to like it !!…(except the strip at the bottom)…

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