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Mind The Furniture

…for you never know….Scan 675


…who might be watching over it.

17 responses to “Mind The Furniture

  1. PAMO

    What?! Now farting on the good couch is out??
    Dang it.
    LOVE your colors! (As always.)
    Keep ’em coming!!!

    • …cheers Pamo…(and no, no farting on the good couch)….

      • PAMO

        BTW… Jeff nixed my fart comic I alluded to awhile back. The comic I did about flowers for Jeff was originally about “art flowers” that the boys thought were “fart flowers”. Anyway- I thought it was funny but Jeff didn’t.
        Guess that’s what I get for running my work by him first!
        Just thought I’d let you know since I said I was doing a fart comic and it never appeared.
        Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

      • …lol…wondered where that had got to!…”know when to hold ’em, know when to show ’em….”…..

  2. stripman

    Thank you, Tony ! Suddenly I’m glad our couch isn’t that good…

  3. Ha he needs to learn the SBD technique.

  4. Like hell raining down from on high…

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