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17 responses to “Mind The Furniture

  1. PAMO

    What?! Now farting on the good couch is out??
    Dang it.
    LOVE your colors! (As always.)
    Keep ’em coming!!!

    • …cheers Pamo…(and no, no farting on the good couch)….

      • PAMO

        BTW… Jeff nixed my fart comic I alluded to awhile back. The comic I did about flowers for Jeff was originally about “art flowers” that the boys thought were “fart flowers”. Anyway- I thought it was funny but Jeff didn’t.
        Guess that’s what I get for running my work by him first!
        Just thought I’d let you know since I said I was doing a fart comic and it never appeared.
        Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

      • …lol…wondered where that had got to!…”know when to hold ’em, know when to show ’em….”…..

  2. stripman

    Thank you, Tony ! Suddenly I’m glad our couch isn’t that good…

  3. Ha he needs to learn the SBD technique.

  4. Like hell raining down from on high…

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