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The Derekian Sagas

…a brief series re-cap….Scan 684Scan 685Scan 686Scan 687Scan 688Scan 689Scan 690Scan 691Scan 692Scan 693Scan 694Scan 695


…well, as brief as I could make it.

…(actually not a synopsis at all…it’s the whole thing in unexpurgated plotting book form….mmm…untranslatable.).

8 responses to “The Derekian Sagas

  1. what is the significance of the differing strike through lines? some are diagonals to the right and some to the left, then there are some that have both, then wavy lines and the odd horizontal.

    • …they’re dependent on levels of glee related to finishing a particular frame/cartoon and which hand I’m holding the pencil in…the wavy lines are when I’ve been too engaged with a page to cross the frames out as I go….(shit, that hurt my brain, haven’t had to analyse that before!…cheers Frag’…kinda!)….

  2. bighair63

    Wow! What a planner and so productive!

  3. Holy McGod. This is way more planning than I do! I’m impressed!

  4. PAMO

    I’m gonna need a splash page.

    (Love your process.)

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