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Where Was I

…oh…that’s right….Scan 680 Scan 681


….(for those of you who don’t get the “reference”….

….mmmm…can everyone say “longevity-treatment”?).

9 responses to “Where Was I

  1. stripman

    Thank’s for the video, we are not that familiar with the doctor Who saga, here in the Netherlands. Some of the older series have been on Dutch TV, so I recognized the doctor…!

  2. Hah good for you for channeling good old British proper sci fi, with wobbly sets and rubber monsters, and not that American Star Trek bullsh*t which is far too professional and slick to be worthy of parody. I salute you and your funny. Of course mrs.A will not need that fly swat anymore now she has her ray gun, so I fear for kitty on the couch.

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