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Too Tone’s Handy Hints

…eating custard with a teaspoon?…

…teaspoon too short to reach the second half??…IMG_4938

…try”hinging” the box with a handy craft knife for easier access to rest of your “meal”….



…(caution…eat the first half  before attempting this).


…(only some mess was made in the development of this handy hint).


…(well actually it was quite a bit of mess…but it was edible mess).

17 responses to “Too Tone’s Handy Hints

  1. stripman

    You are a true genius !

  2. Patent!Don’t they call it Vla in Holland?I guess Stripman would know that…took me a while to figure out it was custard(sort of… I think it may be sacreligious to call Vla custard :))

  3. “Eating Custard With A Teaspoon?” is the most New Zealand thing you have ever said on this blog.

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