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French Knitting

is sometimes called “corking” or “punniken” or “spool knitting” or “tomboy knitting”…Scan 706

…it is not a traditional way to make traditional costumes.

9 responses to “French Knitting

  1. stripman

    I never knew that ! In Holland it’s called ‘punniken’, we used to do it when we were kids. ‘French knitting !’ Very educational…;o)

  2. can’t do English knotting let alone any other countries. The mother superior being looks a lot like Mrs.A but I know it can’t be her as she’s thwacking people on The Good Couch and still has legs.

  3. I never heard of this kind of knitting. I call it torture. I had to knit a jumper in school once. It was pink. I still have nightmares about pink….

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