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One In One Hundred

…little bit of water in the ‘hood last week….


…you can just see the white line in the middle of the side street…

…managed to clear that with a stick…(got bloody soaked)….

…my block managed to avoid any damage….




…lack of customers…the perfect excuse….

…and when I got home, this was on the boil across the road….


…yep, that is not being contained by the banks top left…

…the following day…

…the guys in the next block were still cleaning up…


…this is the Gardens Shopping Area’s 6th 50-year event in as many years (6 not 50!)….

IMG_5130…and while we didn’t cop it as bad as some of the lower lying areas, I wonder if the city council can say “infrastructure issue”…

…or should that be “deferred maintenance” as the rumour about the contractor with the gutter/tank cleaning contract being to busy installing internet fibre to keep the drains unblocked would suggest??


7 responses to “One In One Hundred

  1. stripman

    That’s pretty wet !

    In Holland, with its dikes and area’s under water level, the liberal government has announced that the population should count less on the state and do more for themselves.

    I live on the 3th floor, I’ll keep my feet dry… Hope you do too !

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