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In Another Language

…a piece I wrote in 1993 for Maori Language Week….
Scan 704


…plus Vitaman III….

…all the fun of the fair.

13 responses to “In Another Language

  1. stripman

    Now that’s a whole different story ! Maybe I’ll try Google Translate…

    We don’t have any indigenous (is that the correct phrase ?) peoples in our country. In the Northern province of Friesland they speak there own language and in fact the Friezen once ruled over big portions of the Netherlands. But that’s all in the past…

    And in some villages near my home the accent is so have they might as well be Maori…;o)

  2. Ha…yes Stripman, some people here could be speaking Maori particularly those from Cork. It’s funny how cool other indigenous language looks…we were forced to learn Irish right through school and now I loathe it and can barely speak a word…

  3. I quite like how I think Maori sounds from reading it. Bit like Geordie.

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