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Wildlife Photography None Oh None

…or just go out and enjoy animals in nature and leave the photo stuff to the professionals… …royal albatross wingtip…at the top… IMG_5280   …royal albatross frightening the crap out of a shag, causing it to dive…that’s the splashy bit bottom right… IMG_5278 …royal albatross picked out of long shot …thus very, very grainey….IMG_5279   ….the royal albatross from the Taiaroa Head colony have been flying in the Aramoana beach/Otago harbour mouth area over the last couple of days…normally they don’t seem to fly this side of the heads that much…very good views of them were to be had from the Aramoana mole…for those of us stupid enough to be out there in a South/South Westerly gale!!!…I’m sure I could of got some better shots if I hadn’t been in awe of their 3 metre/10 foot wing span and grace in the air …flying less than 30 meters from where we were into the wind…gob open…lens shut!! …I’d like to thank the Aramoana Mole for being such an accommodating viewing platform… …(and before anyone asks…”none-oh-none” instead of “101”).

17 responses to “Wildlife Photography None Oh None

  1. stripman

    Oh, boy ! If only I could make shots like that, of albatrosses in the wild, over here. I would even be happy with a herring gull…;o)

  2. These are great!thanks TT…I find it very hard to get shots of flying birds. Lovely to see them.

  3. ooh albatross! Great to see them! I don’t think they come to England much.

  4. Swans are more gamey than salty, or chicken…

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