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I Cant Say That I Can Ever Remember

…a time when I had enough flexibility to shop for records like this…IMG_4937


…I can read upside-down though, so I must give it a try next time I’m in someone else’s record shop…

…(thank you Nina & Jay for making that box of kids records a happening thing).

6 responses to “I Cant Say That I Can Ever Remember

  1. stripman

    Not that I wish to start that discussion again… But from my point of view you’re always up side down, so this customer must be coming from… The Netherlands !!

    • …Nina’s folks are both from the Northern hemisphere…she & her siblings were born here so it may be genetic…(I’ll check the soles of their shoes for velcro next time they’re in)….

  2. I don’t think I’ve EVER had that kind of flexibility. Another reason why I’m not fond of kids in general. They remind me of what I never had, even when I was that age. (Sad sigh.) 😛

  3. haha I have several pictures of my baby self in that exact position, according to my dear departed Mum it was my default position. A skill I appear to have lost, at least in the physical sense.

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