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Why I shouldn’t Be Allowed To Take Part In The NZ Flag Debate

Scan 730 Scan 731 Scan 732 Scan 733

…it’s mainly the education I received….

…and partially environmental.

…(for those of you who missed the furore students of my old school caused via google maps…go to google images and type in “Fairfield College Hamilton”…all will become apparent…)….




19 responses to “Why I shouldn’t Be Allowed To Take Part In The NZ Flag Debate

  1. That’s hilarious!
    These comics are officially my favorites of yours!! Love your colors and details and EVERYTHING!!!
    I could gush on for a lot longer.
    BRILLIANT WORK Mr. Cartoonist!!!!

  2. New Fiend

    Very much like your depiction of Clayt… er… “Toon Guy”!

  3. William

    I am woefully under-educated on Australia, let alone New Zealand, her northern neighbor. Suffice to say, I’m against black flags in general unless you are: A) a nation of pirates, B) allied to Mordor, or C) actually Gondor with a white tree and seven stars on your flag. I suppose you could also be the band “Black Flag,” but that might alienate non-Henry Rollins fans.

  4. stripman

    Yes ! For what it’s worth (great song !) you have my firm support…;o)

  5. Your art has a lovely felt pop-up book look about it that’s very appealing here. Wow!

  6. this from Wiki -“Sometime before February 2015, however, the phallic images disappeared from Google Maps and the Google Earth software.” but someone posted it to youtube (of course) so here is the link 🙂
    love this toon, especially the rainbow mural 🙂

    • …I can remember a piece on the telly about how Ralph produced that mural…it probably is my first memory of the rainbow motif…(there is also a photo of me & my bro’ on the bull when we were tiny..)….

  7. I LOVE this…fantastic work…I think it’s my favourite too…but then there’s the sofa, the wallpaper, your alien hardware…too difficult too choose….but did I say…I LOVE this 🙂

  8. Raz Illa

    It’s an international movement

    • …damn!…is there no original thought left to have in this world??…would th aussie one be a different colour?…or like the stars in their southern cross, would it have 3 testicles instead of 2… : )

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