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In Hamilton

…pretty much every 3rd or 4th form art class used to be dragged down to the river to draw this wonderful old structure….

….and a regular drunken dare was “walking the humps”…
Scan 735


…love that bridge!

…(I note that my drawing hasn’t improved greatly since last I drew it for since said 3rd/4th art class…in the late 70s ….I have got better at octopi though…).


…(this piece was produced after I assumed that the folk assembling the H-town anthology might prefer a single page rather than a 4 page rant from an ex-pat who hadn’t set foot in Hamilton of rover 25 years…they didn’t want either!)…

18 responses to “In Hamilton

  1. I had a feeling that an octopus would be involved. 😛

  2. Phenomenal!! How could someone not want this? Hell- I want it!

  3. stripman

    Throwing pearls before swine…? Or as Wikipedia explanes ‘Do not give what is holy to the dogs… ‘
    I always thought that was part of the job..;o)

  4. well I like it. I especially like that Octopus is going to pull the whole thing down. That’ll larn’em!

  5. Gorgeous…I might disagree with you about lack of improvement…though I have not seen the early efforts…but your work seems to be expanding outwards at a rat of knots. Loving it.

  6. Grant McDougall ⋅

    Have you seen the clip of the guy riding his motorbike on the arches across the bridge ? It is awesome.

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