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When I Arrived At My Designated Relief Area The Other Day

…I was surprised to find that something was hanging across my usual toilet break view…




….could that be?….surely not!…





…but it is!…lumps of meat, marinated, neatly strung, hung & drying in the winter sun….




…but not as disturbing as what the local tauhou (wax-eye) population are doing to it….




…not the intended use, I’m sure, but who knows??…it might be part of an old family recipe!…

…mmmm…bird poop flavour!


…(these photos were accumulated over a 4 day period…holding the camera at arms length above shoulder height in an unlit toilet…the slightest wrong move and the tauhou disappear…these pic’s are less than a quarter of what I took…I would take more but my arms hurt!!).

19 responses to “When I Arrived At My Designated Relief Area The Other Day

  1. stripman

    Nice pictures ! But a strange way to feed the birds…;o)

  2. take it you won’t be visiting the cheese restaurant across the road then! 🙂

  3. Great shots….worth the hurty arms 😊

  4. Damn that is the finest toilet photography I ever laid eyes on 😛

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