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22 responses to “Always With The Questions

  1. stripman

    Well… this one is terrible again…;o)

  2. But surely wouldn’t that add extra flavour…?and it keeps him busy…😊

  3. I’m still su offering from a Burrito Zinger I had on Monday evening, my 1st ever KFC and last! Wish we had chicken things instead. 😦

  4. Don’t ask Bob! Never ask Bob.
    You DON’T want to know Bob!
    Bob? Bob?

  5. Hellisotherpeople ⋅

    you get a look in your eye when you describe your culinary incursions with chickens – Im starting to put the pieces together, If I ever come over for dinner and suddenly need a vegetarian option you know why .

  6. Hellisotherpeople ⋅

    Scarey Spice

  7. Hellisotherpeople ⋅

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