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Glamour Shots

….not Simon’s forte…

…he should probably stick to skatey/snow board photography….11828666_428171917372921_5426396132506019748_n


…but he works for less than records….

…cheers Simon.

14 responses to “Glamour Shots

  1. well maybe not 1000 ships but defo one or two 😉

  2. Very glamorous! Exactly how I see you through your comics… funny, witty and a little scarey.
    I’d say Simon captured you perfectly!

  3. Those paintings on the wall behind you, are they of the same cheese as the Spinning Room Library? I like.

    • …they are of a more refined cheese variety…for rather than being prints, they are paint-by-numbers…which, having found one, I now find myself with 3…to soon to tell if it’s just a phase…or wether I’ll need a gallery annex…. : )

  4. OMG! I think I’m in luuurve… 😛

  5. I’d say you’re even gorgeous without all that airbrushing….

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