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Inner Sanctum

….3 years in the planning…

…the shelf above the “DJ” area in the library at home….

…made from re-purposed modular pine shelving from the 70s….IMG_5622


…I’m not that confident with tools, but I think this meets the spec’s….




…bring the noise!

8 responses to “Inner Sanctum

  1. Stellar! Looks awesome!

  2. Like the art work on the wall. 😊

    • …cheers Frag’….love those cheesy 60s/70s prints…I pick ’em up when I see ’em for cheap enough…they must of adorned every damn house in this city at one point…they’re every where!!…

  3. Hellisotherpeople ⋅

    Please tidy cables with spiral or other cable system , nice work

  4. Re; Cables, Nest of Vipers better than a dozy Python. Get in there and spin sir, or at least jump up and down. Reminds me I must post soon or my three readers may think I’ve died already.

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