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I Am Here

Scan 771

…wearing the t-shirt you sent me….


…from your favourite record shop in Kansas….

Scan 772 (1)

…I’ve blurred your eyes to protect your anonymity….

: )



….(guys, thank you so much for the “t”….unfortunately you remembered me as slimmer than I actually am and I had to relinquish it to my good friend Dee…she loves it too!!…hoping like hell that you don’t follow the blog and that the postcard, pictured above, with the hand written link to this post, will come as a complete surprise….just like the t-shirt did…if you think the blurred pic is too creepy I can replace it with the original or delete it completely…your call…see y’all soon…



12 responses to “I Am Here

  1. You have fans everywhere! Looking GREAT!!

  2. I think you look very fetching in the T, but D will look more so 🙂 that pic is definitely creepy! I think their mother’s would still recognise them. And anyone else who knows them. 😉

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