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24 responses to “Four Turtle Doves

  1. Well no I don’t think so! I would like ALL the cards please. The Dereks, The Till, Octopussy, Yoof & Arty, Foofoo, Jesus, Akitty, That toon guy that was interviewed by Bob….. I am sure Other Tony will agree with me on this. 🙂

  2. Yes I want all the cards too…there will never be enough, they’re fab!😊

  3. OOH rare cards?? How does that work, maybe you will only post them for 24 hrs then remove? EEK!

  4. You could use your cards as part of a “CAST” page.
    Wait! I no longer see your “ABOUT” page. Say it isn’t so.

    How does your Mum feel about Mrs. A???

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